Hello!👋 I'm Evgenii

You can find me at github.com/ewgeniuslinkedin.com/ewgenius and instagram.com/ewgeniux, or directly contact me at hey@ewgenius.me or ewgeniux@gmail.com and t.me/ewgenius


Work experience

I’m mostly experienced in frontend development (9+ years), but I’m always open to learn something new and take the challenge

I have experience working with different web tech on frontend (vanilla html/js/css, React.js, angular, etc.) and backend (mostly based on node.js, but also worked with python, ruby/rails)

In my day-to-day work I prefer using React.js and I’m a big fan of TypeScript

Also I have some common experience with mobile development on wide range of platforms: native iOS and Android, React-Native, Xamarin, Cordova

💼Senior Software Engineer at Cube Dev
Remote2022/08 - 2023/05
💼Senior Software Engineer at PandaDoc
Remote2021/09 - 2022/07

Development and support of PandaDoc web UI and js-sdk integrations

💼Senior Frontend Developer at VKontakte
Remote2020/11 - 2021/09

- Development and support for React UI Kit for VKUI design system https://github.com/vkcom/vkui
- Also worked on internal services
💼Software Development Engineer at GitHub
USA, WA, Seattle2020/06 - 2020/11
- Development and support for Github Enterprise infrastructure

Note: I've joined GitHub as a part of internal reorganisation. And during that time I had to relocate back to home from US, that is why I didn't work for long time here.

💼Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
USA, WA, Seattle2019/05 - 2020/05

Worked in Build team at Visual Studio App Center - https://appcenter.ms

Development and support for build (CI) services of App Center:

- contributed a lot to App Center Build UI (project configurations management, listing and running builds, etc)
- worked on source hosting support (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket)
- implemented new features for CI pipelines (environment variables, custom build scripts)
- worked on different app platforms support (native iOS/Android, React Native, Xamarin, etc) - detecting project configuration and targets from source repository

💼Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
Remote2018/01 - 2019/05

Worked in Build team at Visual Studio App Center - https://appcenter.ms

Joined Microsoft as an FTE

💼Software Development Engineer (as a vendor from Akvelon Inc.) at Microsoft
Remote2017/04 - 2018/01

Worked in Build team at Visual Studio App Center - https://appcenter.ms

Joined Microsoft as a vendor from Akvelon Inc.

💼Full Stack Developer at Digital Box
Russia, Kirov2014/05 - 2017/04


- building admin and internal interfaces for different services.
- common stack: React.js, Redux, Mobx, Webpack, Typescript


- building simple services and tools
- common stack: express.js, keystone.js, Typescript
💼Web Developer at Yellow Pages Telecom
Russia, Kirov2013/09 - 2014/04

Worked on Django web apps, implementing custom admin interfaces for your internal ERP system

💼Frontend Developer at Media Plus
Russia, Kirov2013/07 - 2013/08

Worked on jQuery photo-slider plugin

- Implementing custom CSS animations and WebGL effects
💼Junior Web Developer at Brandmaker
Russia, Kirov2011/04 - 2011/08

Worked with HTML/CSS markup, created simple sites and pages